Yoga Ashram Retreats in India

Yoga Ashram Retreats in India

If you know that your life is spiraling away at a crazy speed then it is time to halt before you veer right out of control. Try out the slower pace by joining a yoga retreat at Rishikesh, India and the Ashram life will put you right back on track. Ashram life, simply put, is a safe haven where peace reigns.

Fixed Times for Yoga Classes, Meditation

Daily life at an ashram is regulated according to the activities. There are fixed times for yoga classes, meditation, meals and even sleep. This regularity builds up an internal clock which helps to get the rhythm back into your routine. The longer you follow this schedule the more peaceful your mind will feel and more rested your body.

The early mornings at Rishikesh are filled with beautiful sounds of bells, conch shells. The bathing ritual at the Ganges and the prayer chants send out the message of spirituality. At the ashram too you can search out your spiritual self. The unhurried routine gives you plenty of time for thinking and reflecting. Here in the peace you can easily hear the inner voice giving you direction about where your life is headed and what you can do about heading it into the right direction.

Yoga School in India

The atmosphere in the ashram is such that it relaxes you. Which can do wonders to ease the tension out of you. Relaxed walks and treks help you to unwind and you feel you could live in a yoga retreat endlessly. However, a yoga retreat experience is just a small glimpse of how yoga can change your life’s rhythm. You need to continue yoga practice as taught in a yoga school in India to get more out of your life than you are getting at present.