Yoga Teacher Training India Reviews: Samatva Yogalaya

Yoga teacher training India reviews & testimonials of Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh - Rys 200, 300, 500 and our yoga teacher Krishna Sikhwal, E-RYT 500.

Laura Vanopdenbosch


I had the best experience at Samatva Yogalaya with those amazing teachers Krishna and Sangeeta! I arrived there to do the 200hours and being sure I would never teach. I just wanted to improve my own practice and reconnect with my inner self. I ended up staying almost 3 months, doing the 500hours in 1 go and being all excited about teaching what I've learned. It's a real family atmosphere, the philosophy classes are amazing , the food is great, the location is perfectly isolated in the trees but close to the cafes and shops, the rooms are big and comfortable, the teachers are very talented and invested, I am looking forward to going back and meet again with my indian family. Thank you for everything Krishna and Sangeeta. You brought me a lot of love and taught me a lot.

Devon Beninga


As a student of Krishna's, I hope you will consider this when you decide with whom you choose to study Yoga. Through Krishna, I witnessed the living action of a yoga practitioner/teacher, doing his level best to live in congruence. He asks this from his students as well. In teaching, he is also knowingly teaching himself in each and every class and interaction. While also, keeping his priorities & attention on his students. He holds the space of Father/Teacher with such grace. How many people do you know who are doing their best to live in congruence, teach & challenge themselves on a path with such honesty ? I approached Krishna at the beginning of the program to make him aware of my injuries. He was not just kind & compassionate but also remained aware & checked in on me throughout. You can trust him with your weaknesses. There is far too much to try to get across in a testimonial. Bottom line: Krishna is the best comprehensive yoga teacher I've had the pleasure of studying with. With deep Sincerity.

Robert Mayer


I met Krishna while doing my 300 hr teacher training in Rishikesh. How lucky was I. Krishna comes from a Brahman family where his Indian history and culture has been preserved. This allowed him to share as he skilfully taught us the practice philosophy of yoga. Yoga is more than just a physical workout it is a way of life. Krishna leads by example with his wife and daughter . Anyone considering taking a yoga teacher training course in India would Be well served under Krishna's guidance . I would highly recommend him.

PStar Yoga


The training in Samatva Yogalaya was one of the best experience I ever had. Samantha Yogalaya was the first school I came across when I was choosing the training in Rishikesh and I'm so glad I didn't have to look moch more further. Krishna and his family are very welcoming. Their knowledge that they shared with us throught the practice was delivered in the best posible way. Krishna is the best story teller. The school where the training took place was well set up and we had the luxury of having our own room. It was great that it was slightly out of the main street of the town. I will definitely come back if I get the chance.

SOYOGA Montse Gili


I stayed two months at the school doing a 500hr training and loved every minute. The school facilities were great as it was the accommodation and the food. The group was perfect, they kept it to small numbers so we really got attention and practice hours! I loved that we were encouraged to research and present on a chosen subject instead of memorising for test!! Finally, the most important thing… the teachers Krishna and Sangeeta are amazing, knowledgeable, caring, and clearly live their yoga. If you want to experience traditional teaching of yoga in India without the westernised esoteric woo-woo… this is your school.

S. Ryan O'Connor


The experience I had at Samatva Yogalaya was none other than life-changing. I completed the 500 hour Teacher Training with Krishnaji and Sangeeta Sikhwal, May-July 2018. As practitioners themselves, they teach from experience. Krishnaji’s philosophy and anatomy & physiology classes give the opportunity to grasp deep concepts in a practical way that assists in one’s journey towards self-awareness and self-mastery. Learning about one’s spiritual journey in a “classroom” setting, and its firm roots in science and scientific techniques, both modern and ancient, blew my mind on a daily basis. The Asana practice is deliberate and challenging. You learn how to progress your self-practice in a safe and consistent way, so that you can continue far after leaving the school. Practicing various forms of pranayama, various forms for meditation, the kriyas, Yoga Nidra, and much more, you get the full spectrum of Hatha Yoga, again taught by practitioners. Every meal is prepared fresh by a local chef, and is AMAZING. At Samatva, you are apart of the family. They truly care about you and your growth. Samatva Yogalaya will be forever a home of mine. I plan to return.

Annie Dwyer


Having been taught by my dear guru Krishna,my life changed from the way I walk, talk, think and breath. He is a strong teacher with such respect for all his students. As a female student I felt very comfortable practicing in his presence and respected him entirely as he is very disciplined in his practice on and off the mat. His teachings have stuck with me and I still feel like I have a little Krishna sitting on my shoulder saying; "Don't just do the pose,do something in it". My knowledge I gained about yoga and life started with him. He has a good sense of humor and is a very respected man,not just from his students,but also the community. Your life will gain new meaning after meeting and being taught by Krishna. He is the real deal !

Lenka Kremsa


Krishna is such an inspirational yoga teacher. He has so much wisdom and love to give. I would definitely recommend yoga training with Krishna to everyone. Krishna has patience with his students and he will answer all your questions. I loved his meditation classes and when he was chanting devotional mantras to us. There was so much love in it. He also has a great sense of humor so you will not get bored at all :) It will be fun! Great teacher to learn from. So much love to give and so much wisdom to share.

River Davis


It was truly one of the best experiences of my life to train and study with Krishna and become a part of his yoga family. I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible over the course of my 500h yoga teacher training. The knowledge I gain about my self, life, and all the aspects of yoga is beyond value. The experiences I shared will remain with me for the rest of my life and I am so thankful for that!

Zois Theodorou


While nearly all websites for Teacher Trainings in India are the same, this school Samatva Yogalaya and it's principal teacher Krishna are definitely unique. I was lucky enough to be the second batch of 300h students at his new school, and it was definitely one of the best choices I have made in my life. One can gather, by reading through these reviews of Krishna and his (relatively new) school, Samatva Yogalya, that he is a very special person and an amazing teacher. While there are many good teachers in India and Rishikesh, Krishna stands out beautifully, because of his most sincere dedication to yoga -as perfection in all action- and to the spiritual growth and progress of his students, before ever thinking about the business side of things. Having learned the scriptures from a young age; being blessed with a near photographic memory; having studied medicine for some time (and thus intimately knowing the human body) make Krishna a uniquely gifted teacher of yoga. In the middle of a demonstration he can quote any of the important yoga scriptures in both Sanskrit and English, complete with verse and chapter number, while at the same time he is keen to investigate and discuss anything from a scientific perspective. This already makes Krishna one of the best teachers I have encountered anywhere in the world, but what makes him stand above anyone I have encountered is his wisdom and his good heart, which naturally reflects in the way he treats his students, being family to any true student.

Larisa Dumitrache


We get what we deserve and I feel truly blessed to deserve such wonderful teachers.When you enter into Samatva Yogalaya, you enter into the house of yoga. No doubt Krishna and Sangeeta teach you asana, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy and everything you need to know; but here you are not only a student, you are treated as a family member and you get to experience the yogic life with these kind and humble people. You learn about equanimity and awareness. You learn what Yoga really is.I am grateful to be part of this yogic family!

Patricia Jackson


Father, Grandfather, Brother, Friend. These are the titles I give to the most respected men in my life, and as a teacher, Krishna encompassed all of them. Krishna is not only a teacher, he somehow also becomes your family. His extensive knowledge and obvious years of experience make him one of the most incredible people from whom I've had the pleasure to learn. His sense of humor and intelligence are unparalleled and you will leave his classes with not only a physical but a mental and spiritual depth you didn't know you had.He only teaches you what he knows and from his experience, you experience. Thank you Krishna, I can honestly say, you changed my life for the better. With all the love in the world, your student.

Amy Jo Sears


Krishna is the perfect being to help guide you on your Yoga journey. My wonderful journey with Krishna brought me so much more than just knowledge about Yoga and how to be a instructor. It taught me how to become more aware about life and my own being. I grew stronger in so many different ways both physically and mentally. I feel like Krishna provides you the tools to help you find your true self, find what makes you happy and then it's your job to do the work and grow as a being. Krishna's spirit and energy are both uplifting and calming. He makes me want to try and be the better person I can be. I carry his knowledge and words with me everyday, close to my heart. Besides being the best, most awesome, amazing teacher....he is also a Great Friend! You should definitely take your own Yoga Journey with Krishna as your guide. It can be life changing.

Gabriela Torcatoru


I completed my 500h YTT in may 2019 and there aren't enough words to describe the whole experience. I am forever grateful to Krishna and Sangeeta for all their wisdom and teachings, which gave me confidence in my own ability. They introduced us to this vast subject called Yoga and gave us the write direction in understanding it and in the practice, as a whole. Yoga is a way of life and there aren't enough thank you's to show my appreciation for all everything I have learned. The school is in a wonderful little secluded place (nice and quiet) , but still close to main area, food was absolutely amazing by chef Deepak and the room conditions could not have been better. It was an intense program but I enjoyed it every step of the way and feel blessed to have been shown the way of Yoga as a lifetime journey.

Jackie Atkinson


I wish there was a way I could give this more than a 5 star rating. I completed my 300hr YTT with Krishna as my instructor back in 2013, and words can't adequately explain the experience he blessed me with. Krishna has this unexplainable kindness and nurturing energy. I look back on my months of training, at only 19 years of age, and my mind goes immediately to him and his incredible ability to listen, teach, love and nurture. After I completed my training with Krishna, I wen't onto study Kinesiology at University, as during my time in India, he fostered my love for human anatomy and urged me to follow that once unknown passion of mine. I still to this day (3 years later) keep in touch with Krishna regularly, and can safely say his teachings are something that will stay with me forever. I urge anyone looking to learn the true meaning of yoga to seek out Krishna. Words cannot explain enough how much he has changed my life and how much respect and love flows through my veins for him - my lifelong teacher, father and guru.