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Inspiring Yoga Teacher

While a yoga certification is an important process in becoming a yoga teacher there are many other aspects inspirational yoga teacher will adopt. Understanding anatomy thoroughly,

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Why Cultivate Yogic Diet ?

As part of yoga teachers training you will learn all about the satvik diet and how the various foods affect us is all part of the learning process. Food is important as it sustains life but how much food is considered enough?

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Yoga Ashram Retreats

If you know that your life is spiraling away at a crazy speed then it is time to halt before you veer right out of control. Try out the slower pace by joining a yoga retreat at Rishikesh,

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Self Discovery Through Yogic Path

The aim of yoga is to show you the path that will lead to self discovery. It is not a hurried process because you need to absorb and assimilate all the aspects of yoga to be fully learned.

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Nirvana Palace, Swarg Ashram
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