Tips on How to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

Tips on How to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

So you have decided to go for yoga teacher training? Well before you do anything else congratulate yourself on making a choice that will help you in your personal and professional journey. After that, begin to prepare yourself for yoga teacher training and don’t be surprised by how far it will take you and how much you progress. If you have any doubts on how to go about doing yoga teacher training then read through these useful tips as they could help you through the training.

Be informed about your selected programme

Read up the available literature about your course on the website or other websites that offer a similar programme. Get in touch with those who are undergoing your selected YTTC and find out more about it from them first-hand. This will enable you to have an idea about how many hours you will be in class, how much break time you can expect or holidays. If it’s a residential yoga teacher training course, get details about the boarding and lodging so you know what to expect. Clear your doubts about the programme by asking questions of those who have already completed the training. This way you will be well prepared to handle what is coming your way and will not be taken aback by any kind of issues like the strict discipline required to undergo the training including early morning waking, Homework and vegetarian food. Once you have some idea about how the programme runs you can plan out how you will manage your time so don’t feel bogged down during the tight course scheduling and find adequate time for everything in the day.

Continue with your asana practice

Since you have decided to go in for yoga teacher training you obviously have some knowledge and practice of yoga asana. This is good because you must continue to work on your asana so you are physically equipped to handle longer asana practice sessions and enhance your endurance. It is also a good idea to try to familiarise yourself with the names of the asana you have not yet learnt and have a fair inkling of what expressing them would entail. However, don’t try to practice them without the right guidance from someone who knows. Any case there is really no need to learn up everything hastily because you will get the guidance during yoga teacher training. While practicing asana is good; remember to also take time to rest so you can conserve your energy for the vigorous training schedule ahead.

Your Inward Journey Begins

Working closely with learned and experienced yoga instructors and even masters and meeting the challenges of the training is in itself a life-changing experience. However, also be prepared for some kind of personal transformation as well. Once you begin the training you will also begin an inward journey, which could demonstrate to you some troubled or painful emotional and mental aspects you were not aware of. Be prepared to have your eyes opened and to the possibility that this yoga teacher training could transform you internally. You might even begin to see things in your life that you could have missed or even learn of fears and doubts that you have not yet confronted.

Intellectual Challenges

If you are going in for traditional yoga teacher training, you would be required to learn Sanskrit names of asana, other yoga practices and mantras. You have to learn yoga sutras and philosophy and anatomy. From time to time you will have to undertake assessment tests which always cause anxiety. However, don’t be afraid because passing the YTTC is not just assessment based but entails other criteria like asana, Home-work, class participation, attitude, community work etc. Find out what criteria you will be marked on besides test assessments so you don’t feel anxious about failing the yoga teacher training. If you do have a bit of a rough time learning about tough texts, it is possible that you would be assigned a mentor so you can progress well.

Have Clarity in Your Intention

Before you embark on your yoga teacher training understand your reasons for undertaking the intense programme. Is it because you want to teach yoga or because that’s the next step in the progression of your yoga journey? Do you want to deepen your practice and get in touch with your inner self or do you just want a new experience? Whatever, the reason for your yoga teacher training, you need to have clarity in your intention to undertake YTT. You also need to have the right intention if you wish to successfully complete the yoga teacher training. Once your intention, your goal is clear you will just focus on getting there and will not be overwhelmed by rough patches during the training. Also be prepared for the possibility, that as the yoga teacher training progresses, you could have new insights, which could bring about a change to your original intention. Don’t let that worry you for yoga is a journey that is bound to bring in some kind of change. If your intention changes then just go with the flow and your answer to what is it you want to do with your yoga teacher training, could come to you eventually.