Part - 2

1st week
- Loosening practices
- Focus on foundation of asana (standing and sitting asana)
- Introduction and practice of breathing exercise (Pranayama)
- Guided meditation

2nd week
- Focus on proper alignment of asana (standing and sitting)
- Intensifying pranayama practices< br /> - Emphasis on personal practice

3rd week
- Alignment and modifications in various asana
- Teaching aspect.

4th week
- Group teaching
- Intensifying personal practice

Part - 2

1st week
- Revision of 200hr ttc yoga practices
- Breathing awareness and Pranayama
- Self-improvement through personal practice

2nd and 3rd week
- Emphasis on proper alignment, modification and adjustment of various standing sitting and twisting asanas
- Focus on proper instruction and cueing
- Intensifying Pranayama practices
- Practice of yoga nidra
- Guided meditation

4th, 5th and 6th week
- Emphasis on back bend asanas preparation, proper technique and safe mode for getting into back band asana
- Proper practice of inversion poses and advance asanas
- Improvement of teaching skills
- Teaching methodology
- Group teaching

6.00 AM - 09.00 PM
Monday - Sunday
Nirvana Palace, Swarg Ashram
Rishikesh - 249304, India